Who will be the next Black Star? Betway Talent Search 2018


We have all dreamed of representing Ghana being a Black Star. Looking back to the legends of yesteryear and wishing if only we had the chance. Well look no further Betway Talent Search is a  talent search looking for the next big football Star of Ghana. Like America’s next top model this talent search which has been going on all over Ghana since July has now reached Tamale the past dates are below

  • Takoradi – Betway Talent Search: 8th July 2017
  • Koforidua – Betway Talent Search: 15th July 2017
  • Kumasi – Betway Talent Search: 22nd July 2017
  • Accra – Betway Talent Search 29th July 2017

Stephen Appiah is the search ambassador and he will be joined by other Ghanaian legends who are looking for 18 and 25 years old

This initiative will give aspiring footballers, the chance to play in front of the top football scouts across the country and possibly get signed to a football club if they are good enough. Follow the progress on the Betway twitter channel to see who makes it.

“The top 16 players would be grouped and given the chance to experience what it is like to play at the top level.


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