20 must try restaurants and places to eat in Accra

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Once you are in Accra you are really spoilt for choice on places to eat and restaurants to experience. Even though there are over 200 different places to try we have spent a considerable amount of time travelling in and around Accra to compile reviews of what we feel are so far the 20 must try restaurants and places to eat in Accra .

We have tried hipster ice tea bars to must try local chop bars to even the most upmarket and exclusive dinning experiences to be found in Accra. The viewGhana team have spent a lot of time eating drinking and ordering so we hope you find these Accra restaurant reviews helpful. We are not finished yet and are always looking for new places to try. So if have know a good spot then reach out to us and let us know. Please note the list is not ranked its just the top 20.

Our 20 must try restaurants and places to eat in whilst in Accra

Tea Baa AccraTea Baa

Location: Osu, Accra

Type of food: Ice Teas, chicken, rice, lamb & more

The Tea Baa is a lively little venue in Accra, it seems to be a mix of everything you want in a little eatery come bar come chill out space come hang out. It has a small and not complicated menu with a nice assortment of drinks….read the full review on Tea Baa

Chez Clarisse Mama Africa

Location: Osu, Accra

Type of food: Ivorian, meat, fish and veg & more

Chez Clarisse Mama Africa, is an Ivorian themed restaurant come chop bar come pop up venue. This small intimate place in Osu…..read the full review on Chez Clarisse Mama Africa

Bistro 22

Location: Labone, Accra

Type of food:  Contemporary, fish, meats

So you want to go slightly upmarket maybe you want to eat in a venue which offers a siren calm atmosphere where your guaranteed all dishes will come out looking….read the full review on Bistro 22

Café Kwae

Location: One Airport Square, Accra

Type of food: English Breakfast & Coffee

In every large city you will find a café or coffee shop and Cafe Kwae is no different. Located on the Ground Floor at One Airport Square Airport City. This Little yet medium size café seems ……….read the full review on Café Kwae

Zion Thai

Location: Osu, Accra

Type of food: Thai food

Zion Thai located in Osu, at the end Papaye Down, just near Blue Gate Restaurant……… read the full review on Zion Thai

Café Mondo

Location: Jungle Avenue, Accra

Type of food: Breakfast, coffee, croissant & lite snacks

Café Mondo has two locations in Accra the one we went to was off Jungle road in East Legon This café offers good sandwiches pastries of all types, cocktails, smoothies…. read the full review on Café Mondo

Asanka Local

Location: Osu, Accra

Type of food: Fufu, Banku, Talapia, Kenkay & more

Asanka local is like a massive food hall serving all Ghanaian dishes simply and cost effectively. The vast venue can accommodate at least a 100 people….read the full review on Asanka Local

Pinocchio Gelato

Location: Osu and East Legon

Type of food: Ice creams deserts & lite snacks

So when you have eaten traditional foods and experienced some upmarket cuisine now its time to refresh the palette with some ice cream Pinocchio is …read the full review on Pinocchio Gelato

Josie’s Cuppa Cappuccino

Location: Airport Residential Area Accra

Type of food: Coffee, lite snacks & more

I want a coffee..someone cried where can I just get a barista style coffee and relax and watch the Accra go by. Have you tried Josie’s Cuppa Cappuccino?…..read the full review on Josie’s Cuppa Cappuccino

Simret Ethiopian Restaurant

Location: Near Achimota Road, Accra

Type of food: Ethiopian, veg, meat and fish

So you are in Africa, West Africa to be precise and if we were being a little extra you are in Ghana, Accra. But we will assume that you wanted to try something African…..read full review on Simret Ethiopian Restaurant

Paloma Restaurant

Location: Asylum Down, Accra

Type of food: Buffet, Ghanaian & European

This venue is attached to the Paloma hotel and offers a buffet style service so you can guaranteed all sorts of dishes less traditional local dishes…..read full review on Paloma Restaurant

Nourish Lab Smoothy’s

Location: Osu and East Legon

Type of food: Fruit smoothies, salads, & lite snacks

Nourish Lab Smoothy is kinda of this place where you can get a mix of smoothies and for the health conscious please note there is no kale. There are two locations in Accra…..read full review on Nourish Lab Smoothy’s

Ninano Korean & Japanese Restaurant

Location: East Legon, off Boundary Road

Type of food: Japanese  sushi & Korean

Ninano Korean and Japanese restaurant offers an atmospheric setting for enjoying Japanese and Korean cuisine……read full review on Ninano Korean & Japanese Restaurant

Duncan’s Pub

Location: Osu, Accra

Type of food: Ghanaian, Banku & Talapia and more

This venue on its sign post states that it has been established since 1973. As we walked through Osu again. Clearly from the…...read full review on Duncan’s Pub

Mamma Mia Pizzeria

Location: Osu, Accra

Type of food: Pizza and pasta

Mamma Mia Pizza like now Mamma used to make, you need to locate 7th avenue in Osu quick. This place is another hidden eating gem that will amaze you……read full review on Mamma Mia Pizzeria

Khana Khazana

Location: Adabraka, Accra

Type of food: Indian

Khana Khazana is a hard place to find as it’s practically tucked away behind a  behind a petrol station. Once found it is like India has arrived in Accra….read full review on Khana Khazana



Location: Osu, Accra

Type of food: upmarket Ghanaian, jolloff, waakye and more

Central location. The ambiance is a delight – tasteful design that welcomes you and makes you want to go back… yes I know you are reading this waiting for the but……read full review on Buka

La Chaumière

Location: Liberation Raod, Accra

Type of food: French-Mediterranean

Off the busy Liberation road masked behind a green leafy high bush hides La Chaumiere which prides itself as sophisticated French-Mediterranean restaurant…..read full review on La Chaumière

Santoku Restaurant & Bar

Location: Airport Road, Accra

Type of food: Japanese sushi and Asian fusion

Santoku is a classy place this contemporary Japanese restaurant and Sake bar is located in the  luxury development of Villaggio Vista…..read full review on Santoku Restaurant & Bar

Burger & Relish

Location: Osu Accra

Type of food: Burgers, chicken and Fries & more

So you say you like burgers, but you’re thinking how and where to get a decent burger in the hot heat of Ghana…..read full review on Burger & Relish

Wow, so you got to the end of these short introductions!.

As we said there are over 200 different places to eat in and try in Accra the above list is not in any particular order.

Read the reviews for more in-depth analysis on what we thought and experienced. If you would like to recommend a place let us know…email us on promote @ viewghana.com…

Kofi Agyemang
Author: Kofi Agyemang

Kofi, is a seasoned writer and blogger who enjoys finding out new things and bringing them to life with his creative writing style . He has written for viewGhana for the last 8yrs


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Kofi, is a seasoned writer and blogger who enjoys finding out new things and bringing them to life with his creative writing style . He has written for viewGhana for the last 8yrs