Accra House Music every Friday at the Neem Grill

Accra House Music every Friday at The Neem Grill with Steloolive and Kleatsh

If you are free on a Friday and enjoy house music outdoors with good food then check out Accra House Music at the Neem Grill located  in East Airport. EveryFriday there are complimentary shots and cocktails. Come and experience live mixing by what can only be defined as Ghana’s equivalent of Daft Punk but better,

ACCRA HOUSE MUSIC  are resident DJs (Steloolive & Jason Kleatsh)


About Steloolive

Steloolive is blazing the trail in House Music,mixing contemporary electronic music with traditional beats,Accra’s most fashionable sound artist DJ Steloolive is on a mission to rewrite the African story on music,fashion and daring to be distinct with a vibe. Steloolive is based in Accra, his work includes Fashion art , Fashion photography, and Sound. 


About Jason Kleatsh

Jason Kleatsh known as Kleatsh is a contemporary Ghana based DJ and artist who like Steloolive is taking Ghana and the world on a musical journey one spin at a time. Catch Kleatsh and Steloolive at The Neem Grill every Friday as they bring their distinctive style to Ghana.

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