Can 200 venders fit into Black Star Square? Yes, it’s Food and Drinks Festival October 2017!


This event is finished

Yes, its the Food and Drink Festival 2017 can you imagine Black Star Square being turned into a massive food outlet. With the sweet aroma of grilled chicken, meats, fish, jollof rice, and all sorts of cuisine capturing your senses. What if you could browse food stalls meet some up and coming chefs and even sample some really cool exciting and tasty food. Well imagine no more as the Food and Drinks Festival 2017 in Accra will be coming to Black Star Square (also known as Independence Square) on the 14th October 2017

This is a 1 day free event for all, so make a day of it and come enjoy with your family, friends Grandma, Grandad everyone. It will be a foodies paradise with lots of activities for all.

The Food and Drinks Festival 2017 Accra will provide access to over 200 vendors from well-known food and drinks providers to niche products and services. The Accra Food and Drinks Festival 2017 is by far the largest festival of it’s kind in Accra. SO if you want to see the battle of cupcakes to the battle of Jolloff rice this will be the event to attend this October 2017

How much will the event cost

its free to attend

Where will the Food and Drinks Festival 2017 be held

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