Who is Erastus you ask? Well he is making waves with “I No Fit”


Who is Erastus?

Erastus is a singer, song writer and producer. He started music professionally in 2009 after his first degree and has many hit songs to his credit amongst which include “Number One” and “Together” all produced by himself as eBeatz in the engineering world.

About “I No Fit”

“I no fit” is a cover song of “Yawa Dey” by Nero X, a Ghanaian mainstream artist. The beat was replayed by Hitbeatz, a sound engineer based in Kasoa in the central region of Ghana. Erastus laid the hook where he talks about how ladies pester their betterhalves in relationships for money for unnecessary things and that they should desist from that. Dayodman came along with the rap where he talks about the fact that he can not continue the type of relationship Erastus described earlier.

Erastus hosted many shows and supported many big artists on bigger platforms including Kwaw Kese and Edem amongst others all over Africa. He’s the C.E.O and owner of E-Studios and the founder of the record label E-Music where he manages other young talented artists too. He’s a cool guy and fun to be with.

Dayodman on the otherhand is a soulful musician/Motivational Speaker, Nigerian by blood and American by birth. He directs and shoots his own music videos. He started making music from his Michael Jordan shoebox poking holes for the cord to pass through the box with an empty pill bottle as the microphone stand. He has over 1600+ Videos on YouTube and being an A&R(Artist and Repertoire) to artists in different parts of the world hugely from Africa.

Follow Erastus on Facebook and Twitter @erastusgh and on Instagram @erastus_gh. Subscribe to his YouTube channel @erastus.


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