Ghana Vlogger: A Day in My Life In Ghana, in Berekuso Eastern Region


There are so many Ghana Vloggers on line these days the majority of them tend to be female who produce good videos but many after you have seen a few of them they all follow the same format. Goof tunes and with them going from one fashion outfit to another then going to similar venues and places.

In our search to find something new and refreshing that highlights Ghana we came across this Day in My Life series produced by husband and wife Grace and Rysuku.

Their channel is called “Texan in Tokyo” check it out for more interesting day in life videos

This Ghana vlog follows a  typical day from the couple where they go around their everyday business in Ghana. Grace’s parents live and work in Ghana in Berekuso which is in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Both Grace’s parents work at Ashesi University ( which is the only liberal arts university in Ghana and one of the only ones in all of Africa. This is Ryosuke’s her husband’s first time visiting Ghana..enjoy

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