Jamestown Cafe delivering a unique bohemian vibe through music performance and drinks

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Jamestown Cafe is is located in Ushertown and this stylish cafe doubles up as a live music and concert venue. The intimate surroundings make it the perfect place to just enjoy a wild array of musical styles from upcoming artists to dance performances. You can’t miss Jamestown Cafe as sits in a beautifully restored building right in the heart of Ushertown, just across from the sea. Overall the cafe adds and blends in by adding that extra piece to the Jamestown experience. Being in this district one can feel the energy and creativity of the place to which some have described the atmosphere in the district. As electric as it mashes up of Greenwich village New York with its bohemian neighborhood feel to Camden in London where you can find a mixed array of cultures and people all mingling from Goths, creatives, punks to hipsters. Now imagine this with the warm with Ghanaian flare and sun on the coast. 

Jamestown cafe will not be a cafe if it did serve food and drink. Here you can experience local and international food, a  great assortment of cocktails and live music daily. Try out Jamestown Cafe its a great place to mingle and meet new people too

Latest Events at James Town Cafe

Preserving our architectural heritage: Children’s Library Accra
Date & Time: 14th to 31st December 2019




Location of Jamestown Cafe


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