London, New York Accra have you been to Carbon Night club?


Are you looking for somewhere unique to go this weekend?

If so we are guessing you have not experienced Carbon Night Club in Accra. This club brought to you by YoLo Experience and is perched in the penthouse of Icon house, high above the bustle of Airport City and Liberation Road. Billing itself as a luxury experience with ‘unexpected quirks and surprises.

“Step through the looking glass, expect to encounter the unexpected. Experience nightlife as never before at the most decadent destination for global style-setters. Kiss for all eternity in the Infinity Kissing Booth, inhale a vodka-infused mist guarded by giant golden gummi bears. Fire-artists light up the night as you disappear into the darkness to join in the dance”

Located on the second-floor above the already popular Urban Grill, there is perhaps not much to distinguish Carbon Night Club from many other clubs in  Accra. However, there is a generous dance floor and a VIP area, where bottles of champagne are shuttled across by a succession of easy on the eye waitresses. What makes this place special is the décor with the bank of windows looking out from its elevated position that takes in a city view of Liberation Road and Silver Star Tower.

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