Lord Morgan really?…Gadangme and Ewe Music/Film Awards 2018 is real


The Gadangme and Ewe Music/Film Awards takes place today the 17th of August after months of organisation and planning by Ojekoo Radio(UK)Productions Limited and Shock Absorbers Entertainment. Like many start ups and new events the organisers have done well to get this point and really need all the support they can get to ensure that this their first event and awards of this type really starts off well. We all know its not easy just getting the cut through.

However, recent radio interviews on Adom radio by Lord Morgan who made claim that the event was poorly organised and that the organisers were merely amateurs who had failed to get the event the proper promotion and exposure is a little unfair and to make these claims on the day of the event. We think that Lord Morgan should at least take back his comments and even try to meet up with the organizers and give them the evidence that to support his claims. Because if not then its clear that maybe Lord Morgan was looking for some publicity to promote his new album and decided to just pick a fight with an event that is getting some good exposure.

To date the Gadangme and Ewe Music/Film Awards has been promoted outdoor with flyers and posters as well as online and on other of news and entertainment outlets

So Lord Morgan really…why?



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