The stories I tell myself art exhibition at the Kempinski Gold Coast hotel Accra


The Stories I Tell Myself sees Florence Demosthene transform the uniformed gallery space at the Kempinski hotel into a personalised setting. Maroon coloured walls, resembling a boudoir, make the public space private, creating both a sense of intimacy and intrusion.

About the exhibition

Exhibition runs from the 6th March till May 6th 2018

Using a combination of figurative and abstract mark making, Demosthene constructs alternative landscapes to present the heroines of her practice, and to re-examine her own sense of self. The artist explains: “For me, my art has been a peeling away of layers of preconceived ideas; much in the way a snake sheds its skin, this slow shedding process can be viewed as a continual rebirth of my identity.”


About Demosthene

Demosthene was born in the United States and raised between Port-au-Prince, Haiti and New York; she has spent the past four years living and working across Africa. Exploring themes surrounding race and gender, the artist uses her own identity to re-evaluate the socio-political structures and conditions that surround black female sexuality and physicality today.


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Stories I tell me self location – At the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast – Accra

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