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The term “Ghana diaspora” refers to Ghanaians who are living outside of Ghana, typically in other countries. The Ghanaian diaspora is made up of individuals who have emigrated from Ghana to other countries, as well as their descendants.

This section of our site provides useful information for those in the diaspora who visit or are thinking of visiting Ghana on holiday. And also for those who have recently migrated to Ghana or are thinking of migrating back to Ghana. This section will provide how to guides tips, tricks and testimonials to help share the knowledge and insights. If you would like to contribute to our viewGhana diaspora section get in touch.

The importance of Ghanaians in the diaspora

The Ghanaian diaspora is a significant community that plays an important role in the development of Ghana. Many Ghanaians living abroad maintain strong ties to their homeland and contribute to Ghana’s economy and social development through remittances, investments, and other forms of support.

The Ghanaian government has recognized the importance of the diaspora and has taken steps to engage and involve them in the development of the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has established a Diaspora Relations Office to facilitate communication and collaboration between the government and the Ghanaian diaspora. Additionally, various initiatives and programs have been implemented to encourage diaspora engagement in areas such as business, education, and culture.