About Us

The main purpose of viewGhana is to share all the good things about Ghana based on experiences of the editors and users. The site was set up as a collaboration project in 2006 by a few like minded people who were all travelling to and from Ghana. With each visit we found something new and decided the best place was to share our experiences and cool places online. Over the years we have had contributions from a range of sources for content which has helped build and grow the site. Our biggest challenge is sometimes keeping up with how fast things change in Ghana. Places we visited in the early days may have changed name or grown but we always try and update.

Our goal/mission is to highlight all the great things that happen Ghana from the people events, cool venues and food to eat. We also profile the interesting and wonderful things people from Ghana get up to within and outside of the country.

We are forever adding to the site and updating features as we grow. We hope you enjoy the site and would love to get your feedback. Email promote @ viewGhana.com with subject “feedback”. Alternatively why don’t you contribute and share something you like about Ghana either through video, editorial or if you have a business let us help you promote it.

We hope you enjoy the site.