Interesting things about Ghana

Here are some interesting facts about Ghana for those moments when you want to impress you friends and family.

  • Did you know that Ghana was formed from the merger of the British colony Gold Coast and the British Togoland trust territory by a UN sponsored plebiscite


  • Did you know that Ghana in 1957 became the first sub-Saharan country in colonial Africa to gain its independence.


  • Did you also know that Kwame Nkrumah was an African anti-colonial leader, founder and first president of the modern Ghanaian state. He was the 1st African head of state in the Pan-African Movement, which was an idea he appropriated during his studies at Lincoln University in the United States, at the time when Marcus Garvey was becoming famous for his “Back to Africa Movement”.


  • Did you know that despite being rich in mineral resources, and endowed with a good education system and efficient civil service, Ghana fell victim to corruption and mismanagement soon after independence in 1957.


  • In 1966 its first president and pan-African hero, Kwame Nkrumah, was deposed in a coup, heralding years of mostly-military rule. In 1981 Flight Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings staged his second coup. The country began to move towards economic stability and democracy.


  • Did you know that In April 1992 a constitution allowing for a multi-party system was approved in a referendum, ushering in a period of democracy. Jerry Rawlings was elected in free elections of that year and also in 1996. The constitution prohibited him from running for a third term.


  • John Kufuor, lasted two terms until 2009 where Atta Mills won the latest presidential election. Atta Mills passed away in July 2012 due to illness and was replaced by John Dramani Mahama.


  • Did you know that Nana Akufo-Addo, of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) won the 2016 general election replacing John Dramani Mahama, Akufo-Addo took office on 7 January 2017. His inauguration was held at Black Star Square in Accra. Twelve presidents from African and European countries attended the ceremony.


  • Do you know that the currency in Ghana is called the Cedi, but most people still talk and refer to the money in old Ghana Cedi. So do not get frightened when someone says you owe them 8million Cedis works out at about 80 Ghana new Cedis


  • Ghana made the wooden wheel in West Africa. This was an important invention because it helped them with their armies, transportation and others. These were some examples of how ancient Ghana was an advanced civilization.​


  • Ghana produces has it’s own car brand called Kantanka Automobile (sold locally) which was established in 1994 by Kwadwo Safo Kantanka who  is  a preacher, inventor, innovator, Physicist, Chemist, Biologist, agriculturalist, philanthropist