James Town in Accra is vibrant and well worth a visit if you like art and much more

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If you like a mix of history with contemporary lets make do, then James Town is a district that you have to visit. It is said that James Town is a district and area that is often discussed by many. Everyone knows a story about James Town. The most famous being the annual Chale Wote street art festival that takes place every year in August for a week. But also that James Town is also one of the liveliest districts in the Accra region and the go-to place to capture the raw spirits of dance and music like Azonto and Asorkpor.

Before we start first a little history on James Town

“Jamestown originated as a community that emerged around the 17th-century British James Fort, merging with Accra as the city grew. These days, Jamestown is one the poorer neighborhoods of Accra – full of beautifully disheveled colonial buildings, clapboard houses and corrugated iron shacks – but it remains vibrant”. (Wikipedia)

Remaining vibrant is one the main charms of James Town. This is a place where you can find some really cool arts venues painted wall murals and bars that really capture your imagination

Once in James Town it is recommended that you visit the iconic light house which some say is not an official tourist attraction. Then we ask at viewGhana what is. Its an iconic landmark that stands out and is a must to climb. Please be advised as soon as you get close to the light house you will be talked into paying a small fee to climb the stairs. But its worth it for the views.

Where to find James Town


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