A lively venue with a mix of everything you want in a little eatery the Tea Baa

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The Tea Baa is a lively little venue in Accra, it seems to be a mix of everything you want in a little eatery come bar come chill out space come hang out. It has a small and not complicated menu with a nice assortment of drinks.

Hipster Jar cups @ Tea Baa

However like most places it all comes down to the time you visit. Sometimes just due to popularity if you get there in the lunch time rush or the beginning of the evening it can take time to get your food but if you have company and are not too fussed then why not stay chill and have a drink.

So why is it called the Tea Baa we have to thank the founders Joseph and Dedo Acu who upon returning to Ghana thought of the idea of having a nice café which served an assortment of iced teas served in hipster-friendly glass jars such as orange and cinnamon and Berry Explosion taking centre stage and with all the teas you can add a little spice with alcohol to make that perfect tea cocktail.

The simple menu has old favorites like burgers but you also have to try the slow cooked lamb and coconut rice. But there are also other choices such as the burritos. What ever your choice the Tea Baa has got you covered.

Locating Tea Baa


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