Asanka local food hall serves all Ghanaian dishes simply and cost effectively…

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Asanka local is like a massive food hall serving all Ghanaian dishes simply and cost effectively. The vast venue can accommodate at least a 100 people. This is the place that the locals of Osu  like to go and just eat. You will meet all sorts of people from all works of life here. Its an assuming place from the outside but once you enter the venue seems to open out into what can only be described as a large open space with lots of chairs and tables.

Inside Asanka Local

Some novices to Ghanaian food may find the menu challenging but the waiters are always there to help. In most cases offering to bring a smorgasbord of everything so that you can sample. Asanka local opens at 8am every day till late.

Asanka Local is ideal for large groups as you know that everyone will leave with their bellies full. Be prepared to eat the traditional way with your hand. “It is a great place to experiment with ordering something based on the name alone – the extensive menu provides no clues about content if you aren’t familiar with local foods, and the waiters at times seem committed to maintaining that mystery”.  Usually replying with a smile and saying “why don’t you try it”. The risk is worth taking though, and you won’t leave hungry. 

The overall ambiance is casual and lively, with a bright pink bottles of liquid soap adding a strangely beautiful glow to each table. Don’t’ be afraid to share a bowl of fufu with your friend its normal.

Where to find Asanka Local


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