Lets us explain the difference between Asanka Restaurant and Asanka Local

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Please do not confuse Asanka Restaurant with Asanka Local in Osu. The difference really between the two is not much apart from the price and location and Asanaka local is more of a cool meeting point to just come in enjoy local food.

Whilst Asanka Restaurant likes to pitch itself as more or a restaurant than meeting place and chop bar. Whilst in essence it is just a chop bar that has which serves what can only be described as food that someone in the kitchen thinks deserves restaurant status. We are not saying there is anything wrong with the food but its just standard Ghanaian dishes. From Ghanaian favourites such as groundnut soup, red-red (bean stew) to  grilled tilapia with homemade chilli sauce.

Talipia & Stew at Asanka Restaurant

This small restaurant works and wants to pitch itself as slightly more upmarket than Asanka Local which generally is frequented by all groups. The restaurant tries to achieve the local feel with its décor of a low bamboo ceilings. Please note that the menu is 100% Ghanaian so you will be hard pushed to find a burger of fries. The banku and tilapia are particularly good, but almost all dishes are a decent bet.  To add to this the Asanka Restaurant is more akin to a very up market chop bar, do not be confused with the offering of Chinese as this will just be noodles..So be prepared to eat Fufu the Ghanaian way with your fingers.

Where to find Asanka Restaurant


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