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Are you looking for a place to catch a blockbuster movie or to watch the latest Gollywood or even Nollywood movie.

If you are the capital Accra it’s very easy to find a cinema or even a place to watch a movie. Many bars and venues provide movie nights and evenings where local films or classics are shown. If you come across the term “Private Room and Lounge” theatre these are more for the “Netflix and Chill”  audience. Where you get the opportunity to book a motel style room with a movie and as they say and chill. Not for kids and families.

Anyway for those who want and prefer the full on cinema experience we have outlined probably 4 of the best and probably the most popular cinemas in Ghana for you to try. If you are fancy just getting out to enjoy a block buster or an Gollywood or Nollywood movie or even a Bollywood these cinemas are all unique and offer a great experience.


Silverbird Cinemas – Accra mall and Weija

Silverbird is by far the biggest and the most popular brand of Cinema in Ghana. Silverbird Cinemas in Ghana has two prime locations in the Accra area offering over 10 screens between its two locations. Silverbird Cinemas offer the opportunity to watch films in standard 2D as well as 3D and 4DX. We have to say 4DX is a great experience with the movement, smell, water and mist and 3D. If you ever get the opportunity then you have to catch a 4DX film.

  • Silverbird Cinema- Accra – Accra Mall on the first floor of the Accra Mall which is at the Tetteh Quashie Interchange
  • Silverbird Cinema- Weija Accra – located at Dukonah, near Weija along the Accra Cape Coast Highway

Prices at Silverbird Cinemas are reasonable they also offer some deals at the kiosk


Function Cinema

Function Cinema formally known as Global cinema. Function Cinema is also located in Weija. If you want to get the ultimate movie experience the Function Rooms offers a great cinema experience for movie goers. The complex offer a multi-purpose and luxurious space with three state-of-the-art cinema screens offering 2D and 3D cinema experience. Function Cinema prides itself as being a place the chill out movie venue as it offers a nice bar area too to chill in pre movie are after movie.


Watch and Dine

Watch and Dine as the name suggest offer just that. The ability to watch movies and eat some good hearty food whilst getting into your movie. Enjoy tasty succulent burgers, kebabs, fried rice and Jollof rice, stone baked pizzas to mouth watering paninis. All served to you in your seat whilst watching your favourite movie. Just make sure you do not fall asleep. The complex has 4 cinema screens offering 2D and 3D cinema experience.

Ticket prices VIP &VVIP – 40 Cedis  (Weekends) & 35 Cedis (Weekdays). Watch and Dine in Kumasi premium movie experience for data nights. You will be sure to find all the romantics and daters heading here to enjoy the eat well and watch a movie experience. Watch and Dine is located at Kumasi City Mall, Lake Rd AK-195, 2606, Kumasi, Ghana

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