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This venue on its sign post states that it has been established since 1973. As we walked through Osu again. Clearly from the look of the exterior we accepted that maybe Duncan’s had been right on the same spot for a while.

Located about 4 steps away from the Republic Bar and Grill Duncan’s as it likes to be called these days is very much a classic looking drinking venue come bar. Unlike the Republic Bar and grill which is aimed at hipsters, millennials and trend setters probably between the ages of 18 to 30, Duncan’s feels more like a place for those just wanting to have a drink  some bar type food and just “gist” about Ghanaian and world politics. At times it was easy to pick up discussions of Brexit, Trump and his wall and what Nana Nana Akufo-Addo has yet to do but wants to do.

Duncan’s Logo

Located in Osu, this bar offers food such as freshly grilled tilapia and meats as well as more sit down dishes such as banku and tilapia. At times queues form as people come to get their daily dose of drink and food. Duncans is definetly a bit like a working mans venue for all types. You get the local office workers of Osu those who do not fancy the cocktails and jam jar glasses of Republic Bar to start their evening. Others use Duncans as the pre stop before the next stop.

Overall we felt that Duncan’s was a fine  example of the low-key, outdoor chop bars that manage to get it right. Fresh, grilled fish and simple Ghanaian dishes.

Where to find Duncan’s Pub


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