Eating out in Koforidua at the Linda Dor main restaurant

So you now find your self in Koforidua and you are hungry. For a town like Koforidua if you are visiting then it means you are coming home. Which means you are visiting family or friends so most of the time your meals would be taken care off. Alternatively if you do want to venture out further than the local chop bars and drinking dens that do serve some good meats and beers you could try Linda Dor.
This place seems to be a well known restaurant located at (enter location) which from the outside looks very lively. Loud music playing with outside chairs. Upon entering one is confronted with an oasis of a venue. As the cool air conditioned air hits you it feels like heaven as it cools you down. As you enter do not walk out as the decor looks like a wedding reception. With linen covered chairs and very smartly dressed waiters and waitresses who usher you to your grand table and chairs. What breaks the wedding vibe is when you see the patrons eating Benku with okra with their hands that you know you are in a places you can relax and eat.
But this is where the at ease feeling stops. We had an experience at Linda Dor which we can only say was probably down to the time of year or it could have been down to the size of our party. Upon ordering our drinks took what seemed like a life time. The children with us had aged a few months by the time they had their first sip of their fanta. Whilst some adults had sprouted grey hairs. Some guests mouthed were so dry that they wanted it to rain so that they could quench their thirst.
When the food did finally arrive it was already dark outside with the buzz of mosquito’s waiting for the patrons to exit.
So what can we say about the food. The jollof rice was OK..was “Ghanaij” a cross between Ghana and Nigerian. The beef burger was served with cold burger bun whilst the beef pattie seemed to lack beef. As it tasted more like chicken pattie. The traditional foods were OK, but there was no fufu on the menu as there was none left. Now for Ghana that is a crime not to have the national dish available on the menu.
Overalls Linda Dor was not a bad venue but if we had go rate it after the flashy website it would only get around 3 stars. The speed of the service was questionable as it seemed to take forever to get anything also when trying to order just meats and rice the waiting staff were not confident to provide a simple order even though the options were available in the menu.

Where to find Linda Dor

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