Every large city needs a Cafe Kwae for coffee


In every large city you will find a café or coffee shop and Cafe Kwae is no different. Located on the Ground Floor at One Airport Square Airport City. This Little yet medium size café seems to have all the things you would expect. Tables that seem to be occupied by millennial or random people enjoying the free wifi or those just indulging in a lunch or brunch snack of avocado on toast.

English Breakfast at Cafe kwae

The menu is not to extensive but you can be sure to find café classics such as “2 eggs how you like it” served with bacon and toast. If you want to move away from the usual juice drinks there is also a nice assortment of beverages to choose from such as Classic recipes and drinks infused with locally sourced alcohol which work as a nice a compliment  for the pre-club drinks!.

Overall we enjoyed this Café Kwae as it it was casual and well-laid out serving freshly brewed coffee, cold-pressed fruit juices and tasty homemade cakes and desserts all honestly made by friendly staff. The only down times occasionally just due to its own success the service can be a little slow but its worth the wait.

Where to find Kafe Kwae