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There is a lot of good hype about the upcoming movie “In 3 Days” from Clement Koffi Amoah the director and producer of the 2017 movie My Wife My Girlfriend which was all shot in one room depicting 12 hours of a situation. This time Clement Koffi has extended the 12 hours to 3 days. We have been reassured that this movie was not filmed in 3 days.

Film synopsis for In 3 Days

A minister caught in between the lines after being asked to sacrifice his only surviving child who is worth two times his current wealth and possessions. If he delays, he must compensate the lodge with his wife and later add his son. If he refuses, He faces the ultimate punishment by rotting to death. Someone somewhere decided to stand in for the child, what will be of the wife as well? How will the minister manage to escape his punishment.

The viewGhana verdict

The story line is gripping and tense and leaves you at the edge of your seat wondering  what is going to happen next. The thing that makes this film so captivating is the way the characters seem to vibe off each other. With unexpected moments where it makes you wonder if there is a twist and if there is more to the story, who is really in control here, what is really going on?

In 3 days was filmed around Accra and Ghana and the movie does well to show off some of the locations. Clement koffi Amoah has done well to capture the rawness of the situation showing how things which can seem simple can become complicated and how situations build and can get out of control. This is is how the director captures you with the camera angles and focus on characters.

In 3 Days is a film you must see when released. The premier will be a red carpet affair with cast so get your tickets today as they are selling fast

Show times for In 3 Days

  • First show will be at 7pm

  • Second Show at 9pm

For tickets contact contact the following outlets

  • Silverbird Cinema – (00233) 544310140
  • 7Plus TV (Kasoa, Washing Bay, Abbi Creation University Campuses)
  • Or call: 026 480 1137/ 024 576 9485/ 020 332 6326

In 3 Days will premier at SilverBird  Cinemas Accra Mall from the 3rd of February

Find out the latest film times and listings at Silverbird Cinema’s in Accra

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