Film Review: If tomorrow never comes a story of modern day slavery


If Tomorrow Never Comes: Film Review; a young girl, old into slavery by her uncle

If tomorrow never comes tells an epic story of a young girl, Ewurabana, who was sold into slavery by her wicked uncle after her mother died leaving her and her kid brother in the village. The story follows her through all kinds of inhumane treatment at the hands of her handlers. With attempts on her life to her escape to surviving on the streets hawking.

The film is very much a semi rags to riches story told with great cinematogrphy

The movie reminded me of the early days of African movies where tragic dramas with evil protagonist set on destroying the wealth and enjoyment of others. While I did enjoy some of those movies back then, one thing many of them lacked was continuity in linking the scenes and events together and building a strong emotional film.

This is where If Tomorrow Never Comes seems to have got it right Yvonne Nelson the star and also producer seems to have got it right we knew we were in for a movie full of pain and agony. But the question was, how long could the script sustain the sequence of unfortunate events, and how well will the director interpret the script before we had enough?

We were pleasantly surprised as scene after scene, we kept in our seats and were totally drawn in some sad some humour but all in all it was a good film

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