Everybody wants to be healthy with Nourish Lab Smoothys

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Everybody wants to be healthy. That usual mantra my body is my temple. Hmm.. How is this possible for your body to be your temple. I looked at the team after going around all these food places and watching how they devoured food of all types it was clear that maybe their bodies were their temples and clearly they had been making offerings to their body temple. Anyway this brought up the topic of healthy eating and drinking. So we had tried many places and it seemed like what we were lacking was some fruits of something more wholesome. That voice came out of the blue again and suggested “what if here was a place like a laboratory where one could mix their own drinks and smoothies”.. Aha I know a place! N Lab!

Peach Cream Smoothie

Nourish Lab Smoothy is kinda of this place where you can get a mix of smoothies and for the health conscious please note there is no kale. There are two locations in Accra the one we went to was in Oxford Street, the other location is off Mensah Wood Road, East Legon near the junction of La Bawaleshi Road. So with Nourish Lab you get everything else for the smoothie mostly fruits and ice cream, all served in those plastic see through cups with a lid and straw so that you feel “so Californian.. I just finished at the gym with my personal trainer now just having a smoothie to replenish and hydrate.”.

This place is a great escape from the heat as it offers the usual air-conditioned smoothie bar, or if you want to mix hot and cold why not  sit on the terrace overlooking the street. As with most places in Accra they will offer more than the sign post suggests so there are sandwiches and a range of hot foods to choose from.

We are wondering if there is a place that just does what it says on their name… Sometimes you ponder what if KFC also sold cream cakes alongside their fried chicken will it work… Hmm. Anyway the pricing is decent it’s tourist prices so be prepared to spend probably as much as you would anywhere else in the world. We would recommend the PEACH CREAM SMOOTHIE

Locating Nourish Lab and smoothys


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