Fancy some ice cream and Waffles at Pinocchio Gelato?

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So you have eaten traditional foods and experienced some upmarket cuisine now its time to refresh the palette. This is what those restaurant type critics write and say. Well we say at viewGhana does anyone fancy some ice cream. In Ghana before you end up going to an ice ream parlor we really recommend you stop a local Fan Ice cream vendor and buy some local ice cream. At times dependent on how long the vendo has been out and about and if his block of ice in his cooler is still cold you will be guaranteed a cool Fan ice bar. Try the assortment of flavors our team loved the mango and traditional milk.

ice cream choices at Pinocchio

Anyway back at Pinocchio Gelato, just the name tells you that the price you pay for an ice cream here will be denting your pocket but hey you are in Accra why not give it a go. There are two locations for Pinoccho Gelato we went to the one in Osu the other one is in East Legon and is called Pinocchio & La Piazza Restaurant of Jungle Ave.

“Pinocchio is what is traditionally called in Italy a “Gelateria”. Ice cream lovers can come and enjoy our 50 flavors + of ice cream which are home made. Waffle and Cake lovers will also have a large selection of freshly baked cakes. Amazing wraps, fresh salads, sandwiches, pastas and some hot dishes are part of the menu too. Coffee lovers will find Pinocchio the ideal place to have or grab a coffee as we do serve only one of the best Italian coffee: Illy. Our barista are very well trained and can do the best cappuccinos. When it comes to cold drinks, smoothies, lemonades, ice teas, Frappuccino and milkshakes are also offered in a large variety to suit all tastes. Opened from morning (breakfast)”…

That bit up there is from Pinocchio themselves we always found it hard that an icecream place can serve everything from cakes sandwiches and pastas. But hey it seems to work and it is an ok place to stop off.

The fierce air-con and candy-coloured interior provide cooling respite after browsing Osu’s shops, as does the excellent gelato. If you’re after something more substantial there are waffles and sizeable burgers. The place can be described as a café which serves everything from English breakfast to pastas and burgers but the main dishes are icecream.

Where to find Pinocchio in Osu


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