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Let us welcome you to Brong Ahafo, the region at the heart of Ghana, with a multiplicity of ethnic groups, physical features, cultural practices that dates back into antiquity, tourist attractions opportunities for investment in all sectors of the economy especially tourism, and of an open, and warm-hearted people, ready to welcome you and make your stay in Brong Ahafo a memorable one.

Where is the Bron Ahafo Region in Ghana

What you need to know about the Brong Ahafo Region

Sunyani, the captail of the Brong Ahafo Region is linked to Accra by a first class road and is about seven hours drive between them, at a relatively regular pace. From Sunyani you may then begin your tour, which will take you to the major tourist attractions of Brong Ahafo.

Created on 4th April 1959 out of the then Western Ashanti, Brong Ahafo is the second largest region of Ghana in terms of landmass with a territorial size of 39,557,O8sq.kms.

The region is bordered on the north by the Northern Region, Ashanti and Western on the South, Eastern and Volta on the Southeast and east respectively, and the Republic of La Cote d’ivoire to the west.

According to the 2000-population census, the Brong Ahafo region has a population of about 1,824,827 with an average growth rate of 3.1 % and an economically active part of 45% representing the 15-65 age bracket.

The Region has a tropical climate with high temperatures of between 230C and 390C, enjoying however maximum rainfall of 450 in the northern parts to 650 in the south of the region.

There are two main types of vegetation namely the moist semi deciduous forest mostly in the southern and southeastern parts of the region, and the guinea savannah woodland predominantly in the Northeastern portion of the region.

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