Uber launches taxi booking services in Accra, Ghana


Getting a Taxi in Accra could be getting a little easier for those who want to stay a little longer in the shade. As Uber the taxi booking services launches in Ghana. What does this mean for those who like to haggle? Could this be the end of those times when you know you can haggle a good deal? Will this service see the end of Ghana’s traditional colored taxis and arrival of a new fleet of private car firms. What do you think?

Uber in the UK and USA has been successful to date but there has been controversy around the safety and the validation of drivers. How will this be managed in Ghana. Anyway only time will tell. This is good news for those travelling to Ghana and in Ghana to know that the same services they use anywhere around the world is now available in Ghana.

The launch in Accra, precedes one in Tanzania which place later this month (June 2016). Uber is offering users in Accra 6 free rides for using the service over a period of 3 days. The San-Francisco company will launch its low cost service UberX that allows anyone with a car to sign up and become an Uber driver.

The pricing for the rides will be GHS 1.70 base fare (Kshs. 33.75) + GHS 1.30 per kilometer (Kshs. 33.75) + GHS 0.19 per minute (Kshs. 4.93). The minimum fares for the rides will be GHS 5 (Kshs. 129.79) while ride cancellation will attract a GHS 5 fee (Kshs. 129.79).

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