Its time to visit Ghana!

It has to be said that Ghana has become the West African destination of choice for holidays and even weekend breaks for many. Maybe its because of the friendly people, or the stability of the economy or that its just a great place to visit. Well that said tourism in Ghana has been on the increase over the years with more and more people finding and visiting Ghana for the first time. Even though the majority of inbound holiday makers are Ghanaians in the diaspora the draw of this West African country is becoming infectious. It seems that everyone at some point has a friend or knows someone that has been to Ghana or is planning a visit to Ghana.

The impact and positives of the global pandemic on Ghana tourism

We have to say that the pandemic between 2020 to 2022 had a massive impact on local tourism in Ghana with many more Ghanaians venturing out and exploring what Ghana has to offer. This prompted a shift of resources and focus by government, private investors and entrepreneurs to increase investment in Ghana. The results are a revamped Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park which now provides a more immersive experience plus massive investment and increases in the number and variety of restaurants. It has to be said that the quality of dinning experiences has dramatically increased too. With Kumasi and Accra are leading the way with restaurants like Ambe and Milan lounge in Kumasi where the dinning experience is all about the vibes. And in  Accra places like NsuomNam are making dinning a must do event.

When visiting Ghana the number of number of leisure activities has also increased, its not just about the usual things to do in Ghana that you see being promoted on every travel website such as Slave Castles, Beaches, Safari, markets and Kente clothe making and artifacts. Ghana has a vibrant arts and theatre scene, music festivals culture, exclusive luxury resorts, experiences like hiking, wildlife and nature tours and tons of activities for families and children to do in Ghana. So reason to visit Ghana just keep growing as its more than just a holiday Ghana becomes part of your DNA. 

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Osu Castle, also known as Christiansborg Castle, or “The Castle is a historic building located…