Where to stay in Greater Accra

 So I guess you are reading this because you either fall into one of these categories or maybe  all.
  •  You are planning on visiting Ghana and want to get some idea of places to stay and the types of accommodation and their facilities
  •  You are already in Ghana and need to find somewhere in Accra that is central but good enough to get around
  •  You are just browsing and just want to know more about Accra and if you can book an airbnb or hotel or guesthouse on the fly.
Well if it’s any of the above you are in a good place. Let’s be clear we are not going to give you a crazy list of hotels and guest houses to book but hopefully we will try and give you some insights.

If you are planning on visiting Ghana and Greater Accra and need to get an idea of places to stay.

Well Accra is a big city, split into different quadrants. Like many major cities the more central you are the more busy and congested it can be. The most central location and ares is the Cantonments.
The Cantonments is a affluent suburb of Accra a mixture of Beverly Hills, Holland Park, Mayfair and Greenwich village USA. But under the Accra sun with the Ghana style architecture. Here you will find in the area many of the foreign embassies government ministries and their offices plus official residence of some big important and some famous people. So you are sure to find much of the same necessarties as many highbrow areas. Flashy cars, well heeled ladies and gents still trying to look cool in the 35 degree heat. (Well they spend much of the time in the shade and in the air conditioned cars and houses)
You can be sure to find some decent places to eat and even the odd coffee shop. Labone is an area and one of its famous landmarks is the Labone Coffee Shop. This is a mini style drive in precinct which offers a range of shops and a mini kids play area. To add to this there are a few airbnb’s located in the Labone Coffee shop area. When staying in the Cantonments you are guaranteed not to get lost as the area is central and well served by taxis. Please note that there are very limited or actually no hawkers or street stalls located in these areas. So at times it can feel that something is missing. That this is not Ghana unless you decide to walk.
Here you will find a range of guest houses, apartments and small hotels

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