Zion Thai brings authentic Thai cooking to Accra

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Zion Thai located in Osu, at the end of Papaye Down, just near Blue Gate Restaurant. This restaurant underwent a little refurbishment allowing it to achieve a new upstairs sitting area. Some people have said at times the place can be a little confusing and the menu you need to be careful when you decide you want it hot. Considering the heat of Accra, Zion Thai does very well to bring the authentic Thai cooking to Ghana.

Pad Thai from Zhion Thai

The venue due to its location tends to get a lot of international diners mainly diplomats and people working in locally in the Osu region who tend to pop in the lunch. In the evening it’s a nice place to visit with friends and family. As you can watch the evening bustle in and around Osu as you enjoy your Thai meal. Ok about the menu there are some experimental dishes which you think the chef at Zion Thai is testing like The Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, this is a crazy mix of fried rice with chunks of pineapple its odd and will require some getting used to if you like that sort of thing.

Like most Thai places you can not have Thai food without Pad Thai, we would say if you have had experience of Thai food around the world give Zion Thai a go their little takes on the food makes things interesting.

Locating Zion Thai


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