The Ashanti Region -The Land of the Golden Stool and home of Kenti cloth


The Ashanti Region is the cultural heartbeat to Ghana and Land of the Golden Stool. It’s where you will find the second capital Kumasi founded in 1695 by the Asantehene (Osei Tutu). The capital Kumasi is hilly and surrounded by a vast tropical rainforest belt ideal for exploring . This forest dominated by impressive buttress rooted forest giants, alongside large cocoa farms and picturesque hillside settlements. Kente cloth originated in the Ashanti Kingdom and is still one of the region’s greatest exports.

The weather/ climate in the region is typical chilly in the mornings, bright, clear and sunny in the afternoons for most of the year with cool nights providing ideal conditions for visitors.

Where the Ashanti Region is located

Some things to do and see in the Ashanti Region

The Ashanti Region is famous for several traditional events such as funerals, naming ceremonies. The Royal Akwasidae is held every six weeks at the Royal Palace of the Asante King, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. Where the Asante King sits in session usually on a  Sunday is heralded by a procession of dignitaries, with exuberant drumming and horn blowing.

The region  is also home to one of the most important gold mines in Ghana located at Obuasi. Which is 50km south-west of Kumasi. Sometimes there is a feeling that Kumasi is still very much in a Gold rush with that excitement and hearsay stories of people finding gold after heavy rain fall which made them wealthy.

Kente cloth originated in the Ashanti Kingdom and is still one of the region’s greatest exports so is a great place to pick up some traditional cloth

Throughout the Ashanti region tourists will find welcoming hotels and restaurants in Kumasi, while in the main town’s nightlife and entertainments are first class. Sporting facilities such as  fishing can be enjoyed in the lakes and rivers.

Kumasi Fort; the Military Museum; the 300 years old shrine at Besease

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