Who is Big Shaq..the Man’s Not Hot? Could he be the Ghanaian Sacha Baron Cohen?


If you have been under a rock for the last few months or not been online you would have missed a lot. Let me fill you in. Trump is still president, the winter olympics seem to be going well and it looks cold out there. But in the back ground big jackets and everyone is saying “Skrrat, skidi-kat-kat”..but this is not a reference to how cold it is. This is part of the trending viral explosion of a track by Big Shaq AKA Michael Dapaah.  He has created a worldwide international character similar to that of what Sacha Baron Cohen did with Ali G.

Big Shaq is the creation of comedian Michael Dapaah a very talented 26 year old Ghanaian from London. He started off creating viral videos online with his comedy series “Some Where In London” #SWIL. His alto ego Roadman/Big Shaq

What is a Roadman you ask -(street slang to a man who spends his time trying to hustle on the streets of london typically wears all black branded items with a hoodie and is not very well educated)

So far “Mans not hot” at time of writing is the number 1 trending video on Youtube, over 200million views and has amassed over 20million Spotify downloads. But please he is not an over night session. Michael Dapaah has been grafting hard for a number of years refining his characters especially those from #SWIL

viewGhana verdict

We at viewGhana are loving what Michael Dapaah is doing and are hoping that he gets the chance to take is SWIL characters further. He is the Ghanaian version of Ali G or AKA Sacha Baron Cohen. So we are expecting even bigger things from him in the coming years

Catch up with SWIL here with an introduction to some of Michael Dapaah other charactors

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