It has to be said that Ghana has become the West African destination of choice for many. Maybe its because of the friendly people, or the stability of the economy or that its just a great place to visit. Well that said tourism in Ghana has been on the increase over the years with more and more people finding Ghana for the first time and also Ghanaians be it already in Ghana venturing out further than just their local spots they like to visit.

We have to say that the pandemic in 2020 to 2022 has had a massive impact on local tourism in Ghana with many more Ghanaians venturing out and exploring what Ghana has to offer. From beaches, natural parks to even new places to eat. 

Overall tourism in Ghana is not all about inbound tourist anymore we would say that at least 30% of people booking hotel stays or tours are actually Ghanaians who are booking weekend breaks or time away with family and friends. 

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