Ted’s Place in Kada Avenue, Accra great buffet and beers and sports


In Accra you can always be sure to find a place to eat and watch sports.. It seems that you so not have to look far to find a spot. But this is the thing about Accra lifesyle of Ghana social lifestyle. Its all about being with friends, family and colleagues being in an environment that is relaxing and has good bar and local food. Ted’s place seems to have captured that vibe very well. The venue is a mix of outdoors chill with indoor seating. Which allows you to enjoy and get some shade in the afternoon but in the evening its perfect for just having a chilled drink outside with friends.

Ted’s place is also great for live sports events but notably the main attraction is the Saturday buffet which takes place from 11am till 3pm. Here you will be able to experience mouthwatering grills, featuring pig feet stew, turkey, goat meat stew as well as fried pork, chicken wings, gizzard, octopus, grilled rabbit, eggs, fish, crabs, shrimps, pear and sardine In addition to kenkey and jollof. I am getting hungry just writing all this. Anyway you need to experience it your self.

Please note that a reservation is required to enjoy the buffet so please call ahead as it gets pretty busy.

Call: +233 24 421 5050


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