11 of the best beaches in Ghana to visit

Ghana has some of the most diverse and interesting coast lines in West Africa. We have listed what we consider are probably 11  of the best beaches in Ghana you must visit if you like soaking up the sun, gisting and soaking up the culture.

Why 11 best beaches in Ghana you ask?

Well we just couldn’t keep the list down to 1o so if you have time whilst in Ghana you should at least try and experience a few of these places. We have visited all these resorts and beaches in Ghana and have provided an honest review of each of them.

There are plenty of beach resorts and beaches in Ghana to experience.


Lababi beach is a public beach located in La, at the western edge of Accra. It has a three-km beach front that offers wide variety of activities. This beach can get over crowed as it is the beach frequented by most people within the greater Accra region. Once you have paid the small entrance fee when walking onto the beach it can be a little overwhelming as you are approached by bar hosts who are eager for you to take a seat on their beach tables so that they can serve you food and drinks. Most people who visit Labadi tend to bring their own food and picnics and use the beach chairs to relax with friends and family. The waters are warm but it over crowded as you have to share the beach with lots of men offering horse back rides. The beach is not very clean in places so can be a little off putting at times so look out small washed up plastic bags. As you walk further down the beach the scenery becomes more local in places you will come accross fisher men and some people even bathing in the water. Overall Lababi beach is great if you want to experience an Accra water front but its not really a place for building sandcastles. The beach is great for Frisbee, football and sitting and watching the sea come in and out.
2) Kokrobite beach village
Kokrobite is a funky beach town well suited to all beach lovers who feel like something different with lots of variety. It is a home for all reggae lovers and Rastafarians as well, so it can have more of a party atmosphere than other beaches outside of Accra. Located about 27km west of Accra, Kokrobite beach is a popular destination for beach lovers seeking rich tropical paradise and pristine beaches. One of our favorite activities here is to arrange a bonfire celebration at night, complete with drumming, singing and dancing.
One hundred km east of Accra is Ada Beach. This coastal beach town is located at the estuary of the Volta River. It is an area of great scenic beauty. Its extensive sand bars have become nesting grounds for sea birds. Endangered species of marine turtles can also be found here. This is a perfect haven for skiing, fishing and other water sports. The beach also has a marina nearby, perfect for yachting. The beaches east of Accra are typically less visited by tourists, so you are less likely to encounter requests for “tips” and more likely to be able to have an authentic social interaction with locals. Ada Beach Resort in Ada is also a really nice resort to visit
Cocoloco beach is a breeding ground for sea turtles, as well as a sanctuary for estuarine birds. Near Ada, the Cocoloco Beach is also located east of Accra, where the Volta River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. This beach is a perfect destination not only for beach combers but also for nature lovers, as well. Situated only an hour outside of Accra, the resort is easy enough to get to. If you are into nature and want to have a real beach experience then Cocoloco beach is the place to visit. The volta Estuary , where the Volta river meets with the Atlantic Ocean , is sanctuary for several birds. Cocoloco beach is well known as camping spot and a number of bungalows built is a traditional style by backpackers.
About an hour west of Accra you will find a fantastic beach that is rarely visited. This town, perched on a hillside, slopes down to two lovely sandy beaches. Located nearby is the fishing village of Senya Beraku, which is home to one of our less visited smaller forts, the Fort of Good Hope. This is the closest beach to Accra that is suitable for surfing.
The beaches around Elmina are among the most beautiful beaches in Ghana along with West Africa. The waves are mostly quite strong and a wide line of palm trees bordering the coastline makes a perfect scene. Walking around here is great, and so is sitting in the shade of the palms, with a great view of St. George’s Castle. No litter, no entrance fees and no loud music. You are mostly alone enjoying the tranquility.
Busua Beach is located on several acres of natural sandy beaches about 45 kms west of the port city of Takoradi in Ghana’s Western Region, about a 5.5 hour drive from Accra. Busua beach is a wonderful place to be, with its night cool breeze and accommodating atmosphere. The water here is serene and most inviting. The beach stretches for miles and isn’t littered with trash or excess people, partly because of its more remote location. More of an effort, it is well worth the visit.
Both of these spectacular beaches are located near the coastal village of Axim, a couple hours west of Takoradi. If relaxing in solitude on a clean, uncrowded palm lined beach is your idea of a good holiday, it is difficult to find a better location.  km long dream beach, surrounded by tropical flora and fauna, in a lovingly designed and comfortable ambience
10) Bojo Beach
Bojo beach is probably one of those hidden oasis in Accra. Bojo Beach is so clean and chilled out that you’d never guess it was such a short drive west of Accra city. The beach is a wonderfully tranquil haven, with lots of space. to just chill with friends and family. On arrival there’s a small entrance fee to pay, and you’ll then be rowed across a clear strip of water to a pristine strip of beach, where there are sun loungers and refreshments.
11) Blue Diamond Beach Resort
Blue Diamond Beach resort provides an exotic hide away from the busy city life. Located near a small fishing community in Apam. This private beach is one of the top 10 beach resorts in Ghana. One of their main attractions is a stunning beach view lined with 1640ft hammocks. Ideal for a relaxing swing to lure you to sleep in the afternoon breeze.

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Working with off site teams to create content and providing insights on all things Ghana related. Always keen to hear from people traveling to Ghana or living in Ghana. As there is so much to see and do and write about