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Ghana has so many tourist attractions to experiences that you will wonder how can you fit them all in. From the its colonial history to natural wonders like Umbrella Rock and the many waterfalls. Everyone can be a tourist in Ghana it all comes down to what you want to experience, see and do in this vast country. With so much to see booking a guided tour is advisable so that you can lay the foundation then explore yourself if you are visiting Ghana for the first time. Alternatively if you are already in Ghana and you have access to transport then the options are limitless.

What are some of Ghana’s famous attractions?

Ghana is famous of having a number of tourist attractions and and must see sights. The most notable things that Ghana is famous for is the Forts and Castles that have been preserved to tell the African story of the colonial period. Kumasi is also a place that Ghana is famous for being the second capital which was and still and still is the home of the Ashanti Kingdom. This area is full of history and museums you have to visit.

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