West African Designs by Amara #westafricandesigns


Everyone knows where West Africa is but can you recognize fashion and designs from West Africa. Amara is a designer who has strong roots in West Africa mainly Ghana. She has been designing contemporary pieces for a number of years. You may have seen some of pieces from the African print clutch bags to fans and the unique tote bags.

Amara’s style is all about function making bringing fashion and style into the every day. Inspired by all things natural Amara’s signature which can be found in many of her pieces is “nsu brah” which means water overflowing in the Akan language. If you look closely at her style you would see circular dot patterns which feature heavily in her bag collection. Which are all a reference to “nsu brah”.

West African Designs by Amara can be purchased in London and Ghana as well as online.

To get a feel for some of the latest collection follow this link for West African Designs

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