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It seems that everything in Ghana and with Ghanaians as we are always on the move. One week the currency can be crazy high and all the diaspora are trying to buy up all the bags of cement they can to finish their houses. To other weeks where it seems that every international music artist and afro beats star is performing somewhere in Accra and there is back to back festivals

So even if you were to camp outside Frankies on Oxford Street in Osu, or sit outside AnC Mall in East Legon with so many things going on sometimes it’s hard to keep track of  latest trends. With Instagram, twitter, Facebook, Snapchat just to name a few you can get lost on what is really trending.

So let us at viewGhana help you to find out what is going on. Here we do some of the hard work finding out and displaying trends in Ghana and around the world featuring Ghanaians.  Read up, watch and sample the latest reviews and insights on Ghana and its people.